Do you know people interested in FILM? MUSIC? DOCUMENTARY? FESTIVALS? LIVE INTERVIEWS? DOCUMENTARY FILMS FEATURING LIVE INTERVIEWS AT MUSIC FESTIVALS? What about people who live for television drama, reality television and real world interactions caught on video?

    Follow two twenty-something music journalists as they venture from sunny California to mountains of Colorado, the deserts of Texas, to the Gulf of Mexico, through the delta onto Nashville, through Pennsylvania to the busy streets of NYC, to Michigan and Chicago through the Dakotas and everywhere in between. We’ll be happy, we’ll be lost, sometimes frustrated with exhaust, we’ll bounce from festival to festival, from coast to coast. We’ll be hot and sometimes sweaty but promise to clean up nice when it’s time to visit our families! We’ll dance under the stars while pretending we’re on Mars! We might run out of gas, or take a wrong turn, we might win the lottery, discover a new species of hipster, or put an end to an unsolved mystery! Who knows what will happen, but I can 100% guarantee it will be pure entertainment. Admit it, you’re curious already.

    (Trail off into thoughts about how one day I may have to hide this documentary from my children but I am somehow okay with allowing anyone with internet access to view me on a daily basis)

    I’m not much into reality t.v. but I’m smart enough to know we’re on to something. The MWL Live Tour not only offers exclusive festival coverage, video interviews with bands and fans, but it also offers everyone on the world wide web a daily peak into our lives as we travel over 11,000 miles to make the tour a reality!

    We’ve got the talent, we’ve got the car, we’ve got the cameras… all we need is…. 4,500 more buckaroos. (Lightbulb*) You’ve done your part by donating, but we still need your help spreading the word! Share our page on your Facebook, Twitter, at the nail salon, at work, the barber and at the bar, on the court, in the popcorn line or while you dine!

    Ready, Set, Share!